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Here’s Everything You Need to Do to Pass a Deck Inspection

Like any part of your home, a deck has to be functional, sturdy and safe for you to use it well. This is why you need to have it checked by qualified deck inspectors at least every two years. But before you do that, you have to ensure that you will pass the deck inspection by following these tips:



Look for Any Signs of Damage


Your deck goes through more wear and tear than other parts of your house because it’s constantly exposed to the elements. Since it’s made of wood, it’s also more prone to pest infestation and other problems.


Check every nook and cranny of your deck and take note of any signs of damage. You’ll most likely see ants and termites in its framework or rust in its bolts, nails and other metal connectors.


Most of these damages are not really visible outside, so make sure to look under your deck. Address these issues right away to avoid flagging by your inspector.



Clean your Deck Regularly


If your deck has been around for many years now, you probably start to see some green tints around it due to mildew growth.


This is especially visible on your steps where mildew can make it slippery, which is why it’s very important to wash your deck regularly to get rid of that mildew and other dirt that’s a red flag for qualified deck inspectors.


You should also be on the lookout for mold and fungus growth, especially around the pillars of your deck because it could be a serious health hazard if not addressed right away.



Make sure to Follow your Decking Plans


If you’re building a deck for the first time, you will need to have qualified deck inspectors come over before the deck is installed so they can check your framing from above the deck. These inspectors will usually look at your construction plan and compare the end result to ensure that you are complying with standards. Aside from the form of your framing, inspectors will also look into the type and size of wood that you’re using and the proper joist spacing. If you don’t adhere to your original floor plan, your deck could be flagged as failed.


Of course, nothing beats a good walkthrough of your deck on a daily basis to make sure that it’s still in tiptop shape. When you walk on your deck, do you notice any screeching sounds from the wood? Do you notice that some areas are not as sturdy as they were?


Are you seeing any signs of damage around the deck? Be vigilant enough to notice anything that warrants a repair or replacement. Whether or not you are having qualified deck inspectors around, following these tips will make your deck safer and more functional for a longer time.


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