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Building an Elevated Deck with Key Elements in Mind

There are a number of things to consider when you are planning to build elevated decks. Take a look at the essentials of building an elevated deck before you proceed with the project.



Planning Before Pursuing A Deck Project

Basically, you need more planning in doing this compared to any common project in your home. That is because you need to establish a budget, choose the materials, and the spot where you can do it. Likewise, it is best to determine if you should hire a professional or do it yourself instead.



Purpose Of Building A Deck

Perhaps you should ask yourself why you need to build elevated decks in the first place. So see to it if that project can answer to your problem if you need to extend your indoor living space or you want to push it outside.


Most of the reasons why people build a deck area for entertainment, dining, privacy, or a patio garden close to your home.




Oftentimes, the location of your elevated deck will be determined by the size of your property.


So before doing so, you may consider the size of the lot, microclimates, wind, privacy, proximity to the house, rain and snow, sun and shade, and the view.




Needless to say, there is something that surely stands in the way of building your elevated deck and that is your budget.


Among the issues that need to be addressed are the choice of materials, the intricacy of the design, the size of the deck, and who is going to use it.



DIY Skills

If you are thinking that your deck building project is pretty basic, then you might be able to do it by yourself over the weekends.


But you may need to have a particular set of skills like carpentry, engineering, and a bit of do-it-yourself experience.


However, if you are building elevated decks on a questionable foundation, such as those over clay, mud, sand, water, or unstable soil, then you need to consider professional skills.



Decking Materials 

Take note that wood is not the only material for decking available. Among these alternative materials are plastics and aluminum, composite materials like recycled plastic and wood fiber.


Of course, there are also hardwoods and pressure-treated woods that can be used to complete your project.



Deck Design, Size, And Shape 

Deck design, size, and shape all have an impact when building your deck. The design should complement the architecture of your house and coordinate with the surrounding landscape.


Likewise, the size should be driven by the location and your budget. Lastly, the shape of the deck should be dictated by the design of your house.



Building Code 

You should make your project legal by letting local authorities approve the blueprints to it. Laws may vary from one city or state to the other.



Deck Lighting

Elevated decks are quite attractive to see during the evening. So you need to consider installing deck lighting. For instance, you need to put landscaping spotlights, overhead lights, path lights, and wall or post-mounted lights.




The storage is one of the things that you can consider when building a deck. These are quite useful for keeping garden tools and supplies, outdoor toys, patio cushions, and outdoor furniture and accessories.



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