elevated walkways - waterproofing

Protecting Balconies, Decks And Elevated Walkways Against Water Intrusion

There is a common problem in enclosed balconies, decks, and elevated walkways that boils down to structural concerns due to water entry. But such common problems can be easily avoided using some very simple measures taken during the design and construction process.



Nevertheless, there is not a single organization being developed to bring industry-wide standards for the proper design and construction of balconies, decks, and elevated walkways. This is because the materials used for waterproofing such structures are the same materials in the roofing and waterproofing industry.


Failure to determine how a deck or balcony will accommodate the drainage of water both at the wearing surface and waterproofing membrane will be a great concern for the designer and the contractor or the builder.


Concrete Pavers

Therefore, proper considerations must be given to the utilization of concrete pavers that can be removed easily and replaced whenever necessary for the investigation, maintenance, or repair. This also includes other wearing surfaces to provide access to the waterproofing beneath a balcony, deck, or elevated walkways.


However, without accessible routes, it must be assumed that the building has been built with the right materials and the proper construction techniques that are required to last through the life expectancy of the structure.


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