qualified deck inspections

Checking Your Home’s Deck Frequently

Structural problems can be avoided with prompt and regular inspections of all elevated decks. But people often fail to address this issue until it is too late to react.


According to deck professionals, it is best that homeowners know when the appropriate time is to conduct inspections.


Sadly, homeowners ignore regular deck inspections because they often think decks will last forever. On the contrary, the age of exterior elevated elements, such as decks, could mean a possibility for trouble.


Deck Inspectors for Southern California

Expert deck inspectors would suggest a number of activities to be done to avoid this from happening:

  • Search for decaying or split wood in all areas
  • Test banisters and railings and make sure railings are no less than 36 inches in height
  • Check fasteners, nails, and screws, and replacing those that are suspicious
  • Examine each step for any decay. If the area behind the stair treads is open, the opening should not be higher than 4 inches
  • Clear debris to keep fallen leaves and other items from causing mildew that would damage the wood.


Take note that decks have an expected life span just as roofs do. Just imagine your deck sitting out there in the weather for a whole year, which should be pretty tough for extreme weather conditions. Thus, always follow the advice of expert deck inspectors and have your home’s deck checked frequently.



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