SB 326 Inspections

How Can I Get an Apartment Deck Inspection?

The new balcony law, SB-721, makes commercial property owners financially responsible for inspections of the balconies, decks, and walkways. Moreover, it requires property owners to strictly follow deadlines otherwise they will face civil penalties and heavy fines.


This law also applies to buildings with not less than 3 multi-family dwelling units in the state of California, USA. It covers not only balconies but any structures mostly constructed out of wood or with a wood-based framework.


The balcony inspection bill also seeks to add a new level of public safety to balconies in residential units. Inspectors need to check for indications of unintended water intrusion that will result to dry rot or structural compromise.


Apartment Deck Inspections


The death of 6 students from Berkeley, California due to the collapse of an apartment complex balcony has led to the passing of the balcony inspection bill also known as SB-721.


This bill requires an evaluation of the structural integrity of the building by looking into the condition, adequacy, and performance of the balcony, deck, landing, or stairway structure.


It is essential that apartment decks are up to code in California. Thus, commercial property owners are given until January 1, 2025, to comply.


This will also require the property owner to have their external elevated structures to be inspected every six years. However, when inspectors found out that your property needs repairs, you still have 180 days to comply. Otherwise, local law enforcement will be notified as well as the owner of the building.


If the owner does not implement repairs within 30 days of receiving the notification, a civil penalty will be given. This penalty can amount to $100-$500 daily until the repairs are completed.


Who is Responsible?


Naturally, it is the responsibility of the landlord or management company to have their property under apartment deck inspection. That said, it is also the responsibility of renters to talk to their landlords if they find it necessary to have their deck inspected.


However, renters also have the responsibility to contact professional deck inspectors if the landlord refuses to have their deck inspected even if they feel unsafe on their deck. They can just send the bill to the landlord when it is done.


The purpose of apartment deck inspection is to address the structural integrity of the building. This includes waterproofing the structure..


Thus, the law requires that inspectors provide a report of hazardous conditions that may pose a threat to life. So, building owners only have 15 to 120 days to address the repairs necessary based on the condition of the items inspected.

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