Wood Deck Waterproofing

Fall Deck Prep List: Wood Deck Waterproofing


It is essential to understand the impact of waterproofing which can make or break the integrity of the wood, especially on your deck. The layer of protection from waterproofing comes in the form of membranes, sealers, or specialized coatings.

Waterproofing your deck can save you precious time and money because you don’t have to go through a complete restoration or rebuilding due to extensive deterioration. But the process of wood deck waterproofing requires knowing the right time to act and making proper evaluations.


Prepping Your Deck for Fall


The cost of installation for your deck at home should be a familiar matter to you. That is why it is important that you protect your property with the right tools at the right time.

Since the colder months are coming, it is best that you begin your efforts of protecting your deck before moisture can penetrate it.


How to use the space.

  • Since you have a deck at home, you need to invest in furniture that can deter the impact of rain and snow.

Inspect your space.

  • You need to check the space for damage from animals, water, and wind. You might also want to check it for termite damage

Look for leaks.

  • When water leaks into the deck, the water will freeze during the winter and will lead to even more intense damage.

Area preparation.

  • You need to tidy the surroundings near your deck to keep it free from mold or moss, extending its life in the long run.

Protection through the coating.

  • You can apply water-repellent finishes to your deck to keep it dry during the colder months.

Install a barrier.

  • You can install a permanent deck covering to be able to use your deck during the cold and wet seasons. Perhaps installing an awning will also be suitable to protect you from the elements during the winter.

Remove fallen leaves.

  • This is crucial if you have a wooden deck because dead leaves can rot over time which will lead to the growth of mold affecting the strength of your deck.

Install a new one.

  • Another option to consider when preparing your deck for fall is to install a new one. It will be more applicable if your deck is over 15 years old and is starting to show the impact of wear and tear.


Wood Deck Waterproofing


Now is the time to take precautionary measures to ensure that you will have peace of mind before the rainy seasons start. If a professional deck inspector will check your deck during the winter and suggests that you need waterproofing, it will be too late because you will have to wait until things dry out in the spring.

Therefore, you need to hire a professional to provide wood deck waterproofing services promptly. You can call local deck inspectors within your area and ask for a quote today.

They can handle the wood deck waterproofing job using several options, such as the application of rubberized coatings, vinyl membranes, and water sealer.


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