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Fall Project Ideas: Building an Elevated Deck at Home


The expansion of your living spaces may include the outdoors. One of the reasons for this is to enhance the value of your home, as it adds more functional possibilities.

Building a deck can offer your home an additional boost in appeal as it has become the hottest trend in the home-buying market. Apart from that, attaching a deck to the house can make it seem larger.

But decks come in different designs depending on several factors. So, here are quick ideas that can help you decide in building an elevated deck at home during the fall.


What is an Elevated Deck?


Elevated decks are those raised off the ground and usually consist of floorboards that are supported by joists underneath. The height of the deck should depend on the design of your home. Note that a house having a main living area at the ground level could have a deck raised up. This is to meet the threshold of the back door or about 2 feet in height.


Building an Elevated Deck at Home


Starting a new project at home can also be so much fun particularly on building an elevated deck. That way you can express your design aesthetic using natural or composite materials. You can pick from a dozen options from exotic hardwood to rustic pine, from simple to complex geometric designs.


Aside from increasing the space of your outdoor space, it can also add to its value. If you are considering selling the space, the added curb appeal will help you sell it faster. In fact, a deck can offer a 100% return on value according to experts.


Here are some quick tips on how to prep home spaces when building a deck.


  • Create a plan and make considerations based on local building requirements.
  • Layout the footings and attach the ledger.
  • Dig holes for footings and pour concrete.
  • Apply to plumb and brace the posts.
  • Build beams above the posts.
  • Install the joists and then surround them with the rim board.
  • Install the railing posts before installing the decking.
  • Install the decking parallel to the house.
  • Find the footings for the stair landings and then set them in the concrete.
  • Frame the stairs next.
  • Install the railing with a composite or PVC railing kit or a wood railing.


This can be quite fun to consider when you are determined to do it on your own. In fact, you may be able to do this using your DIY experience, but still, you need to be careful and use reliable tools. Remember that you are building a well-built elevated deck to add to your outdoor space the visual appeal that it needs and not the other way around.


You simply must ensure that your project is well laid out. So, you need to have your outdoor space inspected before starting your project. Hiring a deck inspector is a good choice if you want to make your project worthwhile.

Building an elevated deck simply requires focus and a proper set of skills to get the job done. Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing projects by yourself. But if you are uncertain, you should hire a professional to do it for you.

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