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Signs You Might Need To Hire Deck Inspectors

Decks at home extend your living room and/or kitchen while adding value to your property. Decks are now a place where family and friends gather, entertain, and relax while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

But did you know that about 50 to 60% of decks in America are not safe? An estimation of more than 6,000 people suffer from deck-related accidents each year. And a collapsed deck is the last thing you would want to happen.

Regular deck inspections can save you a lot of trouble. Your deck at home may look sturdy, but cracks, insect damages, railing issues, or raised boards are something that you easily notice. All these are detectable and addressable by professional deck inspectors.

What is a Deck Inspector?

Deck inspectors are certified professionals who perform and write deck inspection reports for residential and commercial properties.

A deck inspector will perform a standardized deck inspection to identify issues and defects. It is also the inspector’s job to make sure that deck components like bolts, connectors, and fasteners are in good shape and not rusted.

You also get inspections of cracks, mold exposure, loose railings, and insect damage. An experienced deck inspector will ensure your home deck meets required and current building codes.

In California, a new balcony law is specifically for condominiums or any building with 3 or more multi-family dwelling units with residential owners.

SB 326 requires exterior elevated elements that are at least 6 feet off the ground like decks, porches, walkways, and stairways to be inspected by architects, engineers, or qualified deck inspectors to ensure these structures are safe for occupancy and loads. Inspection must be done before January 01, 2025.

Meanwhile, the SB 721 law is applicable for all apartment buildings in California with structures 6 feet above the ground and must be inspected by a qualified inspector until January 01, 2025. Any issues found during the inspection should be done within 180 days. Failure to comply within the 30 days notification can lead to a hefty civic penalty.

Hiring a professional will keep you aware of the hazards that are responsible for several fatal injuries each year. Regular deck inspections are your responsibility as a homeowner or as a landlord to provide your family or tenants with a safe place to live.

Signs You Need To Hire Deck Inspectors

You need to get in touch with the professionals at deck inspectors if you notice the following signs:

  • If footings are sinking or cracking
  • When you notice erosion around the wood or concrete footings
  • When you notice water pooling under your deck or porch
  • If deck boards crack
  • When you notice that posts and wooden beams begin to rot
  • If railings show signs of deterioration
  • If your home deck’s last inspection was years ago

Prevention is better than cure and deck inspectors can help you prevent fatal injuries and penalties through their thorough and well-documented reports. Do not wait for accidents to happen and let deck inspectors prevent future problems.

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