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SB 326: Why You Should Start Booking Your Next Deck Inspection Now

You need to ensure that your property is safe in order to have peace of mind. One of the things to achieve this is by having your condo inspected by qualified waterproofing experts. A certified professional is required to conduct SB 326 inspections.


Apart from that, qualified waterproofing experts are employed by most engineers or architects with a minimum of 10 years of experience because it involves associated waterproofing systems. This will help ensure that the integrity of the waterproofing systems of your building is properly maintained.


What is SB 326?


A serious incident in Berkeley, California has brought SB 326 into law. It was due to the balcony that collapsed leading to the death of 6 students. The amendment to the Civil Code Section 5551 has aided in the prevention of future collapses by ensuring balconies, condominium decks, and walkways have passed structural stability.


This law applies to all homeowners associations or condominium complexes having at least 3 attached units. The common methods used during an inspection are as follows.


Through visual inspection

  • The most important component of SB-326 is the visual inspection of exposed surfaces, particularly all load-bearing elements, attachment points, guardrails, and how different components are integrated.

Endoscopic testing

  • This is less invasive testing as it only requires boring small holes and inserting endoscopic cameras to visually inspect the interior condition of the wood.

Moisture sensors

  • This will allow the checking of moisture intrusion and the corresponding maintenance and repairs to prevent it.

Infrared imagery

  • This enables inspectors to check exposed surfaces, but it can’t be used to inspect wood concealed beneath another surface.


In compliance with the law, you are required to complete the initial inspection on or before January 1, 2025. Then, you will have to comply with the re-inspection every 9 years or even sooner.


Don’t Put Inspections Off


It is important to consider inspection of your outdoor decks because they are constantly exposed to elements and heavy loads. According to experts, decks are responsible for a surprising number of injuries annually.


That said, if you don’t look out for structural deterioration regularly, you might risk the heavily used corner of your home to be a safety hazard. In fact, if you leave this issue for too long it can mean more costly and more complex repairs.


Remember that balconies are not the only thing that needs to be inspected under the new law. These include elevated structures that support weight and are built with wood-supporting structures, such as wood beams and plywood.


Hiring a Professional


You should be aware that hiring professionals are part of the requirements of SB-326. Likewise, it is not enough to just sweep up leaves or conduct occasional washing of your deck. It actually needs regular deck inspection to save you from getting into a disaster when you hold your backyard bash or play with your kids or do anything from entertainment to relaxation.


Note that Deck Inspectors can provide balcony inspection services that will ensure the integrity of your outdoor decks. They are a reputable company and are able, ready, and willing to help people with every deck inspection need in southern California.

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