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5 Useful Tips in Building Railings for Your Deck

A railing is an essential part of any deck not only for aesthetics but also for safety. In fact, it’s one of the elements that qualified deck inspectors look for, which is why it’s very important to invest in good railings for your deck if you want to fully enjoy your outdoor living space.

Now if you’re building your own railings, here are five useful tips that you can keep handy for your project:


Take your measurements first

The size of your deck railing will depend on the size of the deck itself and it’s also very important to incorporate an anchored handrail system to make this area safer, especially if you have young children or seniors in your house.

Take your measurements first to know exactly what materials you need and how you should cut them. The standard height for deck railing posts is 10 inches while the rail height should be between 36 and 42 inches.

You can also ask your qualified deck inspectors about the ideal measurements for your deck railings so you can stay within the rules.


Choose the right materials for your railings

There are many options for deck railing materials depending on what matches the rest of your deck and of course, your budget. Aluminum railings are considered the most durable and they also need very little maintenance, although they could be pricier than other options.

Tempered glass railings are also another great option, especially since they give the illusion of a wider space while still keeping your deck secure. Of course, there are classic wood railings that have always been the go-to choice for many homeowners because of their timeless look.


Cut and secure your posts

You can start by cutting the posts according to your measurements and securing them inside the rim joists. Keep in mind that bolts should not be places less than 5-1/8 inch apart and posts need to maintain a maximum space of 72 inches in between.


Install your top and bottom rails

If you’re doing the installation yourself, make sure that the top and bottom rails are secured properly inside the posts by placing two 3-inch screws diagonally 2 inches apart.

When the time comes, elements like this will be checked closely by qualified deck inspectors so it really helps to follow the ideal measurements to avoid any hassles later on. You can then attach the top cap to the posts using the same screws.


Secure your balusters

To complete the installation, screw the balusters into the top and bottom rails. Proper baluster spacing is indicated on your local building code so it’s very important to read about it or ask your qualified deck inspectors. The standard maximum baluster separation, however, is about 4 to 5 inches in the center.

Having the right decking will allow you more freedom to move in your deck without having to worry about any accidents. This makes a deck railing the perfect investment for your outdoor living space.


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