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5 Nifty Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Apartment Deck

Living in an apartment means that you have a smaller space to work with, so you have to maximize every square foot you have including your deck.

After you’re done with apartment deck inspection, here are five nifty ideas to turn your boring deck into a cozy outdoor living space:


Give it some color

Just because your deck is small doesn’t mean you can’t add some pops of color to it. You could stain the wood, repaint the walls, or add accessories to the space to make it pop out without being too loud.


Choose your furniture well

Since you’re only working with a few square feet, you can only afford to put a few pieces of furniture in your deck. If you’re really tight on space, go for a daybed that you can stuff with pillows and a blanket for a cozy reading nook or lounge space.

You can also go for a small table with two seats for an outdoor dining area. Spruce up the space with some potted plants and you’re good to go.


Give yourself some privacy

Living in an apartment doesn’t exactly afford you a lot of privacy, especially with your outdoor space.

But you can solve that with a simple privacy screen made of bamboo that doubles as décor while keeping your apartment deck private so you can really enjoy your space.


Add some storage

If you want your apartment deck to serve the purpose of a lounge and storage area, you can pick a storage bench that could be your seating area and a space to put garden tools and other things out of sight.

You can also add shelves to display your favorite plants and décor without taking up too much of your floor space.


Bring the outdoors in

If you don’t have the luxury of a backyard or garden, you can still enjoy the feeling of having some greenery in your space by adding ornamental grass in your apartment deck. Ask your apartment deck inspection team if this idea is allowed in your space to make sure that you’re not violating any rules. Having some green on your foot will give the illusion of your own outdoor space even if you only have your deck.


A bonus tip

If you’re lucky enough to have a bigger apartment deck and your rental agreement allows it, you can always add a small pool to cool down for those hot summer days.

A stock tank pool is a great addition to your outdoor space and you can just pack it up after summer is done. Make sure to ask this during the apartment deck inspection, however, to make sure that your deck can handle the extra weight.

Are you ready to turn that once-neglected space in your apartment into your favorite spot? Follow these nifty ideas and add your own personal touch to make your apartment deck perfect for lounging, dining, and just enjoying some outdoor space.


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