Deck Inspectors

Repairing an Old Deck

Elevated decks are always exposed to the elements making them more prone to wear, tear, and damage. So if your deck has been around for a while, here are some simple repair steps to get it back to its pristine condition:


Clean your deck

Sometimes elevated decks just need some deep cleaning to get them back to their former glory.

Depending on the material of your deck, you can choose from cleaners containing oxalic acid for removing tannins and iron stains on redwood and cedar decks, sodium hypochlorite that removes tough mildew, and sodium percarbonate that’s perfect for removing weathered wood, dirt, and mildew.


Replace damaged boards

Damaged boards can easily make your deck unsafe. Replace rather than repair is the best option here. Pull them out by removing the fasteners and lifting them straight up to avoid damaging other boards. You can then replace them with newer boards of the same color and type as the ones used in your deck.

Finally, you should check screws and bolts for rust and loosening so you can replace them right away. Any rusting or loose screws and bolts could mean disaster if not addressed immediately because they can make your deck weak, especially when they have too much weight on it.


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