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Who can perform SB 721 inspections? The qualifications and requirements for inspectors

In Southern California, the safety and maintenance of multi-unit housing structures, including apartment buildings and condominiums, are of paramount importance. Senate Bill 721 (SB 721) was enacted to address these concerns by mandating the inspection of exterior elevated elements in such properties. However, who can perform SB 721 inspections and what qualifications and requirements must inspectors meet? In this article, we will explore these critical questions to ensure that property owners and managers can make informed decisions about compliance with SB 721.

Understanding SB 721

SB 721, also known as the “Balcony Inspection Bill,” is a California law enacted in 2018. Similar to SB 326, it focuses on the safety of exterior elevated elements, including balconies, decks, and walkways, but applies specifically to apartment buildings with three or more dwelling units. The primary goal of this law is to prevent tragic accidents caused by structural failures and ensure the safety of residents.

Qualifications and Requirements for SB 721 Inspectors

  1. Structural Engineering Expertise

    Inspectors must possess a strong background in structural engineering. This is because the inspections require a deep understanding of the structural integrity of exterior elevated elements. Structural engineers have the knowledge and expertise to assess potential risks and identify areas that may require repairs or maintenance.

  2. Professional License

    Inspectors must hold a valid professional license in the state of California. This license is typically in the field of structural engineering or a related discipline, such as civil engineering or architecture. A licensed inspector is recognized as having met the educational and experience requirements necessary to perform these specialized inspections.

  3. Experience and Expertise

    SB 721 inspections demand a high level of expertise and experience. Inspectors should have a proven track record of performing similar inspections and possess the knowledge to identify potential hazards, assess structural integrity, and recommend necessary repairs or improvements. Property owners and managers should inquire about an inspector’s experience when selecting a qualified professional.

  4. Insurance and Liability Coverage

    Inspectors should carry professional liability insurance to protect themselves and their clients in case of errors or omissions. Property owners and managers should verify that inspectors have the appropriate insurance coverage before hiring them to conduct inspections.

  5. Familiarity with SB 721 Regulations

    It is crucial that inspectors are well-versed in the specific requirements and regulations outlined in SB 721. They should understand the inspection timeline, reporting obligations, and the documentation required to comply with the law. Inspectors should stay updated on any amendments or changes to the law to ensure accurate assessments.

  6. Independence and Objectivity

    To maintain integrity in the inspection process, inspectors should remain independent and objective. They should not have any conflicts of interest that could compromise their ability to provide unbiased evaluations. Property owners and managers should choose inspectors who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of residents without any ulterior motives.


SB 721 inspections are a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and structural integrity of multi-unit housing structures in Southern California. Property owners and managers must choose inspectors who meet specific qualifications and requirements to perform these inspections effectively. By selecting inspectors with the necessary expertise, experience, professional licensing, insurance coverage, and familiarity with regulations, property owners can have confidence in the safety of their buildings and compliance with the law. Ultimately, the goal is to prevent accidents and create secure living environments for residents in the region, aligning with the spirit and intent of SB 721.


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