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Balconies Through the Ages: History of Elevated Balconies

Through the years, balconies have played an essential role in architectural history. From the medieval ages to modern times, balconies have added a united aesthetic to homes where homeowners can gather, entertain guests, and enjoy the outside world without stepping out of their property lines. A Little Background of Elevated Balconies The word balcony originates […]

What New Codes Mean for Deck Inspectors and Owners

Decks attached to residential properties add to the aesthetics of the structure and allow for owners and renters extra space for entertaining guests, for soaking in some vitamin D, or for relaxation. However, most homeowners do not give too much thought to the status of their decks, leaving them in a poor state because of […]

The Best Materials to Use for Modern Elevated Decks

Homeowners are now presented with a wide range of materials for home elevated decks, providing limitless ways to customize your deck just to your liking and stand out from the crowd. But with so much to choose from, picking the right material for your elevated decks can be a grueling process. Before pushing through with […]

Do Elevated Walkways Have A Clear Future?

There are speculations that elevated walkways can make way for the future of how public parks, particularly in urban environments, will be designed.   The only problem for urban development is the lack of space for creating such necessary sanctuaries that residents enjoy.   Concept Design Proves It Is Possible   In a concept park designed […]

Best Types of Deck Sealer

You can protect your wooden deck from any potential damage with the right deck waterproofing and sealer techniques. Take note that decks serve as living rooms of outdoor spaces where you can spend quality time with family to barbecue or enjoy a quiet evening with a glass of wine. Wooden decks are subject to deterioration […]

What to Know About SB 326

The long-awaited Senate Bill 326 (SB 326) has finally been enacted by the California Legislature to protect property owners from building defects. According to the bill, there are three main objectives to accomplish.   Inspection for Exterior Elevation Associations having 3 or more multifamily dwelling units now need to meet new requirements in accordance with […]

Benefits of an Apartment Deck for Tenants

Aside from enjoying the perks of turning your apartment deck or patio into an oasis, creating a cozy, stylish spot for tenants can also be beneficial during the pandemic. Decorating a balcony can be a bit tricky, but sprucing up your rental house or apartment can be even harder. Nowadays, since the coronavirus pandemic is […]