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A Terrace and Balcony: What Are the Differences?

Have you ever looked at adding an additional living space and wondered whether you should add a balcony or terrace? You are not alone. Balcony decks and terraces have long been confused with each other though, so to help you distinguish between them, here are a few key differences:   Size The most obvious difference […]

The Five Things to Look for in a Contractor

Constructing or renovating a house can be very tricky, tedious, and stressful. Although the idea of doing it yourself can look enticing and easy, putting yourself in a situation that requires a lot of time, work and money could make you easily lose your cool. So before that happens, it’s best to hire a contractor […]

How Expensive Is It to Get Building Permits?

Whether you’re building a new house, renovating some parts of it, adding an extension, or just want to get your house inspected by expert deck inspectors, you will need to secure building permits before you can start working on the project. The truth is, building permit costs are growing exponentially every year that you really […]

3 Quick Tips for Inspecting Your Deck

Regular deck inspection should be part of your must-do’s as a homeowner and here are three quick tips that you can use when inspecting your outdoor living area:   Check for signs of mold and mildew growth You can expect mold and mildew growth on your deck, especially if you don’t clean it regularly. But […]

4 Tips for Checking Your Deck Before an Inspection

Your deck is the focal point of your home’s outdoor space. It’s where you entertain, spend time with the family, and just relax under the stars during the summer. With all the benefits of having a deck as part of your property, you should also invest in routine deck inspection services to make sure that […]

Ideas on How to Beautify your Elevated Balcony

There are many simple and doable ideas to transform your elevated balcony into an adorable elevated balcony. Below are some of them.   Put a small coffee table on your patio. Add some table decors like a colorful flower arrangement in a geometrical vase, a torch, silver or golden candle holders, or candlesticks. Add pillows […]

Codes for Deck Railings

A deck with no railings is like inviting an accident to happen. Every state regulates certain qualifications for construction to ensure safety. But apart from the local restrictions, IRC and IBC have set stricter codes for residential, commercial, and business buildings. International Residential Code (IRC) regulates codes for decks attached to homes and residences while the International Building Code […]

Why Permits are Required for Building a Deck

If you are building a deck, it is worth checking if a permit is necessary. As per Senate Bill No.721 or SB-721, or widely known as “Balcony bill”, “the law requires inspection of exterior elevated elements and associated waterproofing elements, as defined, including decks and balconies.”   Getting a permit before construction begins is quite […]

Elevated Walkways: How They Came to Be

Elevated walkways have become an important part of urbanization. Aside from being an efficient solution to busy foot traffic, walkways also offer extra business space and are often regarded as a safer alternative to walking beside automobiles. But how exactly did elevated walkways come to be?     The first sidewalks were built in the […]