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Answering Our FAQs: Learn From a Qualified Deck Inspector California

A lot of people still have questions about the true value of hiring a qualified deck inspector California. That is why providing essential information to property owners is important to address concerns and avoid undesirable consequences in the future. What is a Qualified Deck Inspector | California   When it comes to adding value to […]

New Year, New Deck: Upgrade Your Deck Now | Deck Inspection 101

If you are looking for something fresh this New Year, you might want to consider doing some upgrades to your property. A good way to start is to do a proper deck inspection in your apartment before you regret not doing what you might have done sooner. New Year, New Deck | Deck Inspection 101 […]

How to Prep For the New Year With SB 326

Now is the time to prepare your old backyard deck if you want to revive it for the New Year. This is also a perfect occasion that you can adhere to the Balcony Law or SB 326 which requires homeowners to have it inspected by qualified professionals.   Preparing for the New Year should be […]

Tips and Tricks For Building an Elevated Deck

Every now and then, smart ideas just pop out, particularly when you are looking to enhance the look while adding more space to your property. If building elevated decks have crossed your mind, then it is important that you have knowledge of where to begin. Here are some smart tips and tricks you can use […]

Winter Deck Prep: Wood Deck Waterproofing and More

Winter is a great time to stay cozy and comfortable inside your home. But you also need to remember that while you can easily go inside, your outdoor living space must endure the harsh weather for a couple of months, especially your deck. Let’s learn how wood deck waterproofing and other tips can help prep […]

Expert Deck Inspectors: What You Need to Know

It used to be just an extension of a house, but today, decks are so much more than that. In fact, having a deck means that you have that outdoor living space for relaxation and entertainment. Investing in one can even add more value to your property. But with that addition also comes the responsibility […]

SB 326: Why You Should Start Booking Your Next Deck Inspection Now

You need to ensure that your property is safe in order to have peace of mind. One of the things to achieve this is by having your condo inspected by qualified waterproofing experts. A certified professional is required to conduct SB 326 inspections.   Apart from that, qualified waterproofing experts are employed by most engineers […]

How Can I Get an Apartment Deck Inspection?

The new balcony law, SB-721, makes commercial property owners financially responsible for inspections of the balconies, decks, and walkways. Moreover, it requires property owners to strictly follow deadlines otherwise they will face civil penalties and heavy fines.   This law also applies to buildings with not less than 3 multi-family dwelling units in the state […]

Fall Deck Prep List: Wood Deck Waterproofing

  It is essential to understand the impact of waterproofing which can make or break the integrity of the wood, especially on your deck. The layer of protection from waterproofing comes in the form of membranes, sealers, or specialized coatings. Waterproofing your deck can save you precious time and money because you don’t have to […]

Fall Project Ideas: Building an Elevated Deck at Home

  The expansion of your living spaces may include the outdoors. One of the reasons for this is to enhance the value of your home, as it adds more functional possibilities. Building a deck can offer your home an additional boost in appeal as it has become the hottest trend in the home-buying market. Apart […]