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Best Types of Deck Sealer

You can protect your wooden deck from any potential damage with the right deck waterproofing and sealer techniques. Take note that decks serve as living rooms of outdoor spaces where you can spend quality time with family to barbecue or enjoy a quiet evening with a glass of wine. Wooden decks are subject to deterioration […]

What to Know About SB 326

The long-awaited Senate Bill 326 (SB 326) has finally been enacted by the California Legislature to protect property owners from building defects. According to the bill, there are three main objectives to accomplish.   Inspection for Exterior Elevation Associations having 3 or more multifamily dwelling units now need to meet new requirements in accordance with […]

Benefits of an Apartment Deck for Tenants

Aside from enjoying the perks of turning your apartment deck or patio into an oasis, creating a cozy, stylish spot for tenants can also be beneficial during the pandemic. Decorating a balcony can be a bit tricky, but sprucing up your rental house or apartment can be even harder. Nowadays, since the coronavirus pandemic is […]

A Quick Deck Safety Inspection

There are 40 million estimated decks in the United States with half of these existing decks are safety and code compliant. While decks and balconies give added aesthetics to the exterior beauty of your homes, these can also cause tragic accidents or death without a proper safety inspection. A deck safety inspection can save lives. […]

Guidelines on Inspecting Balconies on High-Rise Buildings

Elevated balconies add more aesthetic appeal to the overall design of your buildings, apartments, cafes, or restaurants. Balconies provide condo residents, and owners, extra room to relax, enjoy the view and entertain. Modern constructions and high-rise buildings in urban communities often have balconies that add to the selling value of the property; extra square footage […]

Safety Benefits of Elevated Walkways

Pedestrian lanes and walkways are an integral part of a community’s identity. Pedestrian infrastructures are a part of progress and are integral to people’s safety. Elevated walkways provide health and safety benefits to pedestrians and those who explore destinations on foot.   Safety for Pedestrians According to the U.S Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, […]

Repairing an Old Deck

Elevated decks are always exposed to the elements making them more prone to wear, tear, and damage. So if your deck has been around for a while, here are some simple repair steps to get it back to its pristine condition:   Clean your deck Sometimes elevated decks just need some deep cleaning to get […]

5 Useful Tips in Building Railings for Your Deck

A railing is an essential part of any deck not only for aesthetics but also for safety. In fact, it’s one of the elements that qualified deck inspectors look for, which is why it’s very important to invest in good railings for your deck if you want to fully enjoy your outdoor living space. Now […]

5 Nifty Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Apartment Deck

Living in an apartment means that you have a smaller space to work with, so you have to maximize every square foot you have including your deck. After you’re done with apartment deck inspection, here are five nifty ideas to turn your boring deck into a cozy outdoor living space:   Give it some color […]

Tips on Repairing Dry Rot

Dry rot on your roof doesn’t just look horrible. It can also seriously undermine your home’s structural integrity. Neglect it and you’re setting up your house for wreck and ruin, not to mention significantly diminishing its sale value. Understanding the cause of dry rot allows you to make the call on whether a repair is […]