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Types of Exterior Elevated Elements: Differences Between Balconies and Porches

If you think a balcony is synonymous to a porch, then you should spend some time reading this article and get the true difference between the two elevated elements.  Here are basic differences between balconies and porches to begin with.


What Is A Balcony?


The balcony is a platform built outside the building, commonly enclosed by walls or balustrades, and supported by console brackets or columns. Basically, such a platform is projected from the wall of a particular building mostly above the ground floor.


Types of Balconies


A typical balcony is typically small and not used for entertainment or social gathering. Here are different types of balconies each one unique from the other.


True balcony

    • This one is common to everyone because it is a space with a floor and railings, open to the outdoors. Some can be very big and can hold furniture, such as a table or bench and a couple of chairs.

Faux balcony

    • Designed to look like a balcony, this one doesn’t have a floor. In fact, you can’t stand on it. However, it has some rails to give the impression of an actual balcony. Consider it as a decorative structure intended for making the exterior look more stylish.

False balcony

    • A small regular balcony but not faux balcony. Only a little bit of floor space and railings is available. But it is not built to hold furniture because it is only used to extend a room making it more open and offer breathable space as air can enter through this part of the apartment.

Mezzanine balcony

    • A real balcony located indoors is what best describes the mezzanine balcony. It also has a floor and railings making a space look more interesting as it serves different purposes.


What Is A Porch?


Just like the balcony, a porch is not all built the same. Here are a variety of porches made in different designs, placement, and purpose.


Types of Porches


Open porch

    • This one is something that doesn’t have any enclosures or sidewalls. It is just an elevated structure with a roof.

Front entry porch

    • This type of porch is attached directly to the front door, marking the main entrance of the house.

Farmer’s porch

    • Commonly attached to a farmhouse-style structure, this type of porch has a roof and supports beams and railings, going along the front of the house.

Back porch

    • Opposite to the front entry porch, the back porch is situated at the back of the house, commonly connected to the back door.

Detached porch

    • This one is not attached to the house, but its structure is similar to that of a pavilion or gazebo.

Screened porch

    • Enclosed by screens, this porch has a roof, often considered an extension of the living room.


As an exterior elevated element, the porch has many other names depending on its design and location inside the property.


Thus, the differences between the balcony and porch have been established. This makes each exterior elevated element a special part of the house with specific purpose.


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