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A Terrace and Balcony: What Are the Differences?

Have you ever looked at adding an additional living space and wondered whether you should add a balcony or terrace? You are not alone. Balcony decks and terraces have long been confused with each other though, so to help you distinguish between them, here are a few key differences:



The most obvious difference between a balcony and terrace has to be its size because the terrace is much bigger than a balcony, which is considered a smaller extension of the indoor living space.



Another key difference between the two is their location. Balcony decks are extensions of the upper floor space. This means that they could be attached to the side of a house or a building, which makes them elevated.

Terraces, on the other hand, are usually flat platforms that serve as an extended outdoor living space. In recent years, a terrace could also mean a flat platform on the rooftop of a building where an outdoor living space could be created.


Finally, balcony decks and terraces are different from how they are accessed. Balconies are smaller and they are always attached to a room in the house while terraces are open spaces that have a separate entrance.


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