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New Year, New Deck: Upgrade Your Deck Now | Deck Inspection 101

If you are looking for something fresh this New Year, you might want to consider doing some upgrades to your property. A good way to start is to do a proper deck inspection in your apartment before you regret not doing what you might have done sooner.

New Year, New Deck | Deck Inspection 101

Upgrading part of the exterior of your home can be an easy and fun thing to do to kick off the New Year. You can apply some upgrades to your deck with these exciting options.

Installing a pergola

  • You should know that a pergola can turn an exposed deck into an appealing outdoor space. That is because the angled slats can shield the space from the sun while keeping an open feel.

Repainting your deck

  • You can add a new look using a fresh coat of color. This can also add protection to your deck from mold, rot, and water damage.

Adding an outdoor bar

  • An outdoor bar can turn your deck into an outdoor entertainment hub in an instant. You may opt for a sturdy cart or shelving with lots of space to serve refreshments or revamp a basic metal shelving unit into an outdoor bar that has all the basic goodies.

Laying down a rug

  • It is possible to turn your deck into an outdoor room with the use of an attractive outdoor rug. You can accessorize it with an all-weather rug for a variety of benefits.

Piling on outdoor pillows

  • Making family or friends spend more time can be made possible by softening your seating with pillows. You may also cover your existing pillows with fabric that suits indoor or outdoor use.


Deck Inspection 101

All the excitement about upgrading your deck space should not keep you from doing the basic stuff first. In fact, it is one of the things that you need to ensure is to get a deck inspection service especially if your deck is already dated.


Deck inspections are quite important because any flaw in a deck can lead to costly damage or personal injury. So, if you noticed something off about your deck, you should have it checked by a qualified deck inspection professional.


You should also know that your deck is not only vulnerable to harsh weather conditions because insects, mildew, and rust can also harm it. Moreover, you have to be very cautious especially if you are seeing signs of ant or termite infestation in the framework.


At the same time, you might experience mildew developing in almost all decks. This is the green tint that is slippery when stepping onto it. On the other hand, you might see some fuzzy substance or mushroom growth around the deck which can also be an issue with molds.


Hire a Deck Inspection Expert Today

It is essential to have your deck checked by a licensed expert because taking a look underneath is just as important as inspecting the surface. The areas that you are not able to check properly should be entrusted to a deck inspection specialist since the New Year is also an ideal time to do some well-deserved upgrades.

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