Apartment Deck

Is Your Apartment Deck Up To Code?

Most homeowners prefer to have decks where people can get together, enjoy a BBQ, or just relax outdoors. However, thousands of people suffer each year from collapsing decks.

Poorly constructed or maintained decks result in tragic accidents. Regardless of the size of your deck, it must be in line with current safety codes.

If you are in California it is important to know the State’s apartment deck code to ensure safety.

California Apartment Deck Code to be Aware Of

The tragic death involving 6 Berkeley students due to a collapsed balcony pushed the realization of SB 721 or the Balcony Inspection Bill.

Signed by Governor Brown in 2018, the bill requires an inspection for apartment buildings with three or more units performed by a licensed professional.

SB 721 took effect last January 1, 2019, and it requires testing and inspection by January 1, 2025.

Apartment deck inspections must happen every 6 years on wood structures that are more than 6 feet off the ground.

If inspectors find conditions that pose threat to the occupants, they will notify the apartment owner within 15 days. Emergency repairs must happen immediately while non-emergency repairs can happen within 180 days. Local law enforcement must be aware of poor conditions.

SB 721 also grants the local enforcement authorities to penalize property owners who fail to comply in time. For non-emergency repairs, owners must apply for a repair permit within 120 days from the day of the report.

The owner has another 120 days to carry out the necessary repair from the day of permit approval. Meanwhile, emergency repairs must start immediately.

How Do I Know If I’m Up To Code?

Doing a simple visual inspection is not enough to determine if your apartment deck is code compliant. Get in touch with a professional inspector or certified contractor for help. Professional deck inspectors are the best people to assess the status of your apartment deck.

A reputable deck inspector can advise you of any damage and repairs needed. A professional deck inspector can also double-check if your apartment deck meets the current building codes.

With the knowledge and skills to conduct general deck inspections, you are assured of getting the right recommendations before an issue gets out of control.

If you have just moved to a new property or your deck is more than five years old, it is recommended to conduct a general inspection. Do not let unnoticed issues cause horrific disasters and block your view of that beautiful view while soaking up the sunshine.

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