Deck Inspection

How to Prepare for Building an Elevated Deck

No matter how small or big your home is, a deck adds value and functionality to your home. If you love entertaining and the outdoors, extending your living space by building an elevated deck is a great investment.

But before undertaking a deck building project, it is necessary to have the necessary tools, skills, and equipment needed. Hence, professional assistance is key for efficiency, quality, design and warranty options, planning, and proper compliance with permits.

What is an Elevated Deck?

Industry trends show that more homeowners are now ready to add decks to their properties. What used to be a luxury is now possible for every homeowner thanks to innovative construction technologies.

Elevated decks are platforms, inches above the ground, that attach to the house. It can be made of concrete, metal, or wood material. Elevated decks also come in an array of styles and uses. For example, the space under your deck can be an outdoor storage space or a shaded seating area.

But elevated decks and porches have added safety measures to prevent falling, breaking down and rotting, and other hazards. But regardless if building an elevated deck or not, every structure should meet local and standard building codes.

Preparing For Building an Elevated Deck

Planning permission is the fundamental step when building an elevated deck that is 11 inches above the ground or higher. Similarly, planning permission is mandatory if the size of the deck covers more than half your garden area.

Seeking out planning permission cannot be skipped otherwise you will need to stop and destroy the constructed deck and rebuild which can be a waste of money and time.

Then, you will need to start searching for the best deck builders or installers in your area. You should consider a deck builder or contractor that has been around for years.

It would be wise to ask for references from your circle that has had first-hand satisfactory experience in the past. Or you might want to check websites, ads, social media, or bulletin boards in your community to get information about reputable deck builders.

Once you have found the right company or builder and have agreed on building an elevated deck, the contractor will prepare the deck site before construction begins like cover the soil (depending on the height of the deck), stopping weeds, layout the shape of the deck while ensuring there are no underground services, dig holes for footings and piers, prepare the soil, and more before actual building starts.

The completion of your elevated deck is just the beginning. There is another essential task you need to carry out at least every two years, to have it inspected by pros. Reach out to creditable and qualified deck inspectors to check any damage, make sure your deck still conforms with current local building codes, and avoid hefty state fines.

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