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Get to Know the Cantilever Deck with Deck Inspection 101

A lot of homeowners would love to add more space into their homes, especially when having limited yard areas. So, you can see many people considering building a second-floor cantilever deck without putting up a foundation on the ground.


What is a Cantilever Deck?


This structure is considered by homeowners as a slight overhang past the beam at the end of the deck exterior. You can also use this to extend your existing deck. Cantilever decks might not be as simple as regular ones. That is because the extension will need precise measurements in accordance with the local building code.


A cantilever deck is intended to add space as well as aesthetics giving an intuitive solution for the limited space. Moreover, it can function as a way to save more money. Although not a common option for residential areas, you may consider a cantilever design when you have limited resources.


Types of Decks


While many homeowners have adapted to the concept of building decks to save precious space or save a little bit on resources, it is not uncommon for them to choose their own design. Considerably so, there are different types of decks if you are planning to build one at home.


Wood deck

  • The upside of using wood as the main material for your deck is that it is natural. However, you will need a lot of maintenance for that as it requires cleaning and re-sealing.


Composite deck


  • This is an alternative to natural wood as a good option to resist rot and wear. Made out of a combination of plastics and wood fiber, composite decks may closely resemble natural wood in appearance.


PVC deck


  • The decking materials made from PVC have advantages such as the ability to resist fading, stain, or rot, and it is even 100% recyclable, However, you need to be cautious of the surface during sunny climates because it can become very hot.


Don’t Forget to Inspect


Of course, when you have a deck built on your property, you have to be responsible because there are requirements set in the local building code. This includes the need to consider deck inspections to ensure the integrity of the structure.


In fact, some decks have become a hazard over time. That being said, failure to do so can lead to a costly result because you will either end up being fined or your deck can be damaged by natural weather conditions.


Take note that decks pose a threat when the materials begin to show signs of rot or wear. You can do the inspection yourself, but it is preferable that you hire professional deck inspectors to do the job for you.


This will ensure that you get the best service possible and to ensure that your deck is able to comply with the state licensing and insurance requirements. Since decks are outdoor structures exposed to the elements and fluctuations in extreme temperatures you simply can’t ignore having an annual deck inspection.

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