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Five Homeowner Hacks for Revamping your Balcony Decks

Looking forward to having a great year in 2021? One of the best ways to start off the new year fresh is by revamping your balcony decks by bringing in new elements that will promote calmness and a good sense of grounding for the new beginning that everyone deserves.


No matter how big or small your space is, there are still ways to make your balcony decks as homey as possible. To pull out the top cozy vibes this year end, here are five homeowner hacks to revamp your balcony deck:


1.    Adding a table and chair set


It is understandable that an open balcony deck can be particularly challenging to transform into a cozy space to hang year-round. But you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life by adding a small table and a chair where you can sip your morning tea or coffee while reading the newspaper. Top the space with a knitted blanket and a cute throw pillow, and you will be set to chill morning and night with your laptop, phone, or even your favorite book.


2.    Installing built-in seating


If you have more breathing space, you may decide to maximize it by installing some built-in seating.  A fun way to do this is by picking up some pallets at your local hardware store, stacking them in your own unique way – almost like a giant game of Tetris! Top them off with some colorful cushions and an outdoor rug and you have yourself the perfect custom space to vibe out during downtime


3.    Bring in the greenery


Sometimes, putting in some furniture is too much to ask because of the limited space on your balcony deck. One way of bringing life to the space is by adding some planters full of lush plants.


This will surely create a backyard feel that will raise your spirits and ground even the busiest of people. Add in some pots of herbs to add to the greenery, while also replenishing your kitchen!


4.    Floor pillows


You do not always need to invest in furniture to bring a space together. Floor pillows are a great way to make any small space feel cozy and put together. Go with a color scheme that brings you calming energy and happiness and throw up some twinkle lights to make the place really shine at night!


5.    Spruce up some old Folding Furniture


Many secondhand stores are filled with old fold up chairs and tables. These can be great finds for anyone with a small space! They can easily be folded up and put away during harsh weather, and then brought back out when it is time to enjoy that balcony deck again!


A tip we love to share is to buy some outdoor canned or spray paint in your favorite colors and give the old school furniture your own quirky twist! Updating the color can help bring a whole new look to some old furniture, and make it feel timeless and fresh all over again


Balcony decks can be a great extension of your home, or condo. Maximizing your living space by adding warmth to your outside space can help ground and comfort any person during even the toughest of times. Make sure you utilize every inch of what you are paying for by using some of our DIY tips and tricks today!



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