elevated walkways

Do Elevated Walkways Have A Clear Future?

There are speculations that elevated walkways can make way for the future of how public parks, particularly in urban environments, will be designed.


The only problem for urban development is the lack of space for creating such necessary sanctuaries that residents enjoy.


Concept Design Proves It Is Possible


In a concept park designed by a team in a park in Istanbul, Turkey, they featured elevated walkways weaving in and out of the trees above ground. It even had trampolines high above the ground level for everyone to have fun.


They are planning to create a series of different zones that might not be possible for densely packed locations just within 6 miles north of the bustling city center of Istanbul.


  • The Plaza.
    • This is the entrance of the park where visitors gather, sit, or lie down the lawn.
  • The Loop.
    • This is where visitors can enjoy a series of hammocks and swings above the park floor.
  • The Chords.
    • This invites people to wander the footpath twisting around the tree trunks, giving it a signature look different from any other public park that exists today.


The elevated walkways in mind will allow people to experience nature that is typically non-existent, creating a new interaction with trees in various heights.


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