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Deck Safety Tips for Homeowners | Deck Inspection 101

One thing to consider if you have a deck is that its structural components are exposed to the weather. Therefore, it is important to ensure your deck is safe to use year-round. Many factors can compromise your deck over time. This is why you need to protect it by starting with a deck inspection.


Deck Safety Tips | Deck Inspection 101


You should know that your deck is a place for you, your family, and your guests to relax. Keeping it that way is your job but you should also keep it as safe as possible because it is prone to deterioration if not properly taken care of. Here are tips on how you can preserve your deck.


Rotten wood replacement

  • Decks are generally made of wooden components that can rot and weaken over time. If you notice your deck has rotted, then it is time to replace it.

Fastener replacement

  • Another thing to consider replacing is the fastener which can become loose in time. This can be caused by rotted wood which can be a major safety risk.

Cracks and creaks

  • You can observe other signs of wear upon walking on the surface of your deck. When you notice creaks or pops as you step on the surface, you can hire a professional to do a thorough deck inspection.

Repair loose railings

  • Force applied when people hold the railings as they go up and down the stairs over the years can cause them to loosen. Replacing your deck railings will cost you but you can save money if you perform regular maintenance.

Bug damage checking

  • You should not worry about a thing if the deck lumber used is treated with chemicals to repel bugs. On the other hand, you should take note that bugs that can penetrate your house can cause your deck to pull away from where it stands leaving your structure prone to collapse.

Maintain regular deck inspection

  • If you are proactive in deck safety, you need to follow a regular deck inspection schedule to be able to address any issues that can affect the structure of your deck before it becomes a safety hazard.


Deck Inspection 101


You might not be so much concerned about deck inspection particularly when your structure is newly built. However, you should be aware of the importance of deck maintenance because the structural components can deteriorate over time.


Deck inspection can cost you from $25 to $200 which depends on the time required for checking structural safety and building code violations. Other requirements are necessary when you are yet to consider building a deck. These include the requirements from the city inspector and home inspectors to ensure your deck is in compliance with the local and zoning codes and regulations.


Deck inspection and maintenance are important if you have an existing deck structure. You need to contact a professional when you want your deck inspected to ensure compliance with local building codes and ultimately to ensure safety.

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