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Elevated Walkways: How They Came to Be

Elevated walkways have become an important part of urbanization. Aside from being an efficient solution to busy foot traffic, walkways also offer extra business space and are often regarded as a safer alternative to walking beside automobiles. But how exactly did elevated walkways come to be?     The first sidewalks were built in the […]

Building a Balcony? Here Are Your Design Options

It’s been a long-time dream of yours to wake up and look out from your elevated balcony. And now that you have the chance to add that extra feature to your home, you want to do things right by choosing the right design elements for your balcony. To make things easier, we rounded up some […]

Waterproofing Methods And Types For Balcony Decks

Building waterproofing methods are basically the formation of impervious barriers over the surfaces of foundations, roofing, balcony decks, and walls. This includes other structural members of the building to avoid water penetrations through such surfaces.   Materials commonly used for building waterproofing include cementitious material, bituminous material, liquid waterproofing membrane, and polyurethane liquid membrane, among […]

How Buildings Can Collapse

  There is more than one reason that causes buildings to collapse. Here are some of the chief causes of why commercial and residential buildings collapse in recent years. Thus, it is essential that deck inspection services be consulted to avoid this from happening.     Structural Failure  One of the main reasons why buildings […]

Checking Your Home’s Deck Frequently

Structural problems can be avoided with prompt and regular inspections of all elevated decks. But people often fail to address this issue until it is too late to react.   According to deck professionals, it is best that homeowners know when the appropriate time is to conduct inspections.   Sadly, homeowners ignore regular deck inspections […]

Balcony Design: Durable Wood Options

Wood construction for mixed-use is very popular in the Western U.S. In fact, it has become a favorite all around the country due to its availability, construction, favorable cost, and thermal performance, among others. But waterproofing properties are important, particularly when using wood for construction. The 2018 International Building Code (IBC) even made changes to […]

Building an Elevated Deck with Key Elements in Mind

There are a number of things to consider when you are planning to build elevated decks. Take a look at the essentials of building an elevated deck before you proceed with the project.     Planning Before Pursuing A Deck Project Basically, you need more planning in doing this compared to any common project in […]

Responsibility for Repairs on a Condo Balcony Deck

You might have been wondering if your balcony decks should be repaired or remodeled, who is going to be responsible for it. Perhaps this is a question that many citizens are not aware of the answer.       The Owner or the Association?   Generally, it is important to note that when the property […]